Religionspedagogik - ett forskningsfält i tiden


  • Caroline Gustavsson



The aim with the article is twofold: first to present religious education in a Nordic
but foremost Swedish context, second to argue for a broad understanding of the
research field. Through the examples given in the article the author argue that religious
education give space for reflections about teaching and learning about/of/in religious
phenomena, themes and other expressions of meaning-making and the conditions for
them all in religious but also non-religious settings.
The article presents a historic background to the emergence of religious education
in a Nordic context. Thereafter research will be presented as representing four different
but relating themes: content, performer, aim and method.
It is argued that religious education is a research field that contributes to a deeper
reflection on the opportunities and challenges that can be seen in relation to learning
in religious environments and in relation to religious, and existential themes. Religious
education contributes to a deeper understanding of the meaning-making that all people
share and it is therefore a topic that finds great relevance and a clear justification in our
time and in a globalized world






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